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PERSONALISED Wood GAG with real LEATHER adjustable strap



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Wood and Leather PERSONALISED ball gag.
Created from light weight, NATURAL HARD WOOD which has been polished very smooth, and pink leather strap which can be personalised with a name on each side with 22ct Gold lettering. Well made item, designed to last even in rough play. Solid fixings and high quality leather make this gag one that you will have for a long time.
The ultra smooth hardwood can be quickly cleaned using any antibacterial wipe if required.

This gag will fit approximately 15 to 17 1/2 inches. (38cm to 44.5cm) Please check the pictures for examples of where this measurement is taken.
If you would like a different size, please let us know, we will so our best to accommodate.  

We can create 22ct Gold lettering on each side, there is room for approximately 10 characters each side, this can be the same on each side, or something different, whatever you prefer. Please just ask if you are not sure if your ideas will fit, we dont mind. Our personalisation is done on a purpose built, professional machine.
Please see the pictures for a sample of our Gold lettering.

POSTAGE:  Only ONE postage charge is applied to any order,

depending on the largest item in your basket.

Large Letter = £1.15

This is a large letter

Parcel size = £3.99I nternational track and trace = £11.99

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