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Magnetic Balls, nipples, labia, scrotum. 1cm Balls




Super strong magnetic balls. May be used on nipples, labia, scrotum, anywhere you want as long as they can be positioned a few mm apart. Place them CAREFULLY to avoid the following:
Click... OUCH!!!!! Twangggggg wooooshhhhhhhh Argghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!
Example, if placing on the nipples, put the first one into position towards the base, then carefully move the other into postition while holding the first. The really do work exceptionally well when used properly.
They are 1cm in diameter (yes they may look smaller because they are measured edge to edge, but really, 1cm in diameter)
We sent 6 pairs out for people to try, Everyone liked them. One lady had some problems with extra small nipples, but preferred them on her labia, and one guy apparently cried when his partner put them on his scrotum and tried to move them about. They do need a litle patience and common sense. BUT.. once you get the hang of them... fantastic.
Thats about as honest a description I can possibly write.
Price is for 2 balls, 1 pair.

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