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"The ASSassin" Supersafe cane. PERSONALISED. Sterilizable. Black or White



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"The ASSassin" supersafe cane. 24 inches of pure power. Diameter is 8mm.

A stunning white cane. Exceptionally flexible and virtually unbreakable in normal use. The handle has been covered in self fusing rubber tape which becomes a solid piece of rubber for a perfect grip in full swing. Waterproof and sterilizable.
Taking punishment to a whole new level, the ASSassin has the ability to be used gently, creating beautiful pink stripes, or harder to raise welts and bring tears.
We have been using these canes for a while now and they are exquisite.

Ideal  for professionals and amateurs alike.

PERSONALISATION : We are able to engrave these canes either in front of, or on the opposite side to, the word Assasin. The text height on the cane is approximately 3.0mm which is perfectly visible. We set the character limit to 20 but please contact us if you require more. We are happy to send screenshots of how it will look.

BOTH ends have been POLISHED, not just filed down, to create a smooth and safe finish.

Most important in canes that are able to break the skin, these are STERALIZABLE. Many acrylic canes sold here are also claiming to be, but the material used for THESE canes is FDA approved. We buy it in from a REPUTABLE UK manufacturer, who claim  that this is the ONLY cane material that is FDA approved.
If the skin is broken during use, please use a cloth dipped in hot soapy water to clean the cane. Before play, simply wipe with a good antibacterial handwash. They are steralized before they leave our shop and are ready to play.

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